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Innovative Wall System

If you are looking for an innovative and sound-reducing wall system, look no further than stretch walls Ottawa. Whether you are looking to spruce up a room or outfit a large space, stretch wall panels are a great option. Here is a little more about what stretch walls and how they can help you find that ideal solution to your wall problems.

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What is a stretch wall?

Stretch walls are an ingenious and budget-friendly solution to change the look of a room. Using a fabric wall stretch system installed by Alamiva stretch ceiling suppliers, a series of hidden tracks with clips will secure the fabric wall for years to come. Unlike painting or other treatments, stretched fabric wall systems provide you with a customizable option that will stand years of wear and tear.

How does it work?

When looking at how a stretched fabric acoustic wall system work, you can look at three distinct parts of the design—first, the track. The track is concealed behind the fabric and is where the material is secured through clips. The track is generally made of PVC. Next, the fabric. The fabric is the visible part of the system, and it is what you see on the outside. Similar to stretch ceiling, there are thousands of fabric types, and no matter what you choose, the fabric is secured via clips. Finally, the core is where the acoustic nature of the system comes in. Depending on the style, the core can provide clients with different NRC ratings of sound absorption.

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Why Invest in Stretch Walls:

Customizable covering that can match room décor or provide a striking physical piece to bring a room together

Get a stunning solution for large spaces

A soundproofing solution for even the most extensive spaces and halls

Lower sounds in an office, a music practice room, or a university hall

Limited quantities available!

High-end quality at reasonable prices

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Durable are Stretch Walls Materials?
Stretch walls are exceptionally durable and will last for years if properly maintained. Many stretch walls can last up to a decade or more, depending on the location, environment, and proper maintenance. These systems must be adequately maintained and cleaned to extend their lifespan.
What is the Lifespan of Wall Coverings?
The lifespan of fabric wall coverings can last for up to fifteen years. However, depending on how they are treated, their environment, and the maintenance of the system, the lifespan can increase or decrease.
Do Stretch Walls Require Any Maintenance?
Generally, stretch walls do not need to be maintained, but they should be cleaned like a wall. You should look to spot clean and provide a wipe down of the wall every six months or so. The system and track can stay in place for years on end and do not require any maintenance unless you spot any issues.
Can Stretch Walls be Damaged? Is it Fixable?
Yes, stretch walls can be damaged. Generally, the damage could include cuts, gouges, or rips. It can be fixed. You can patch the wall, cover the hole with a sticker, or if the damage is too much, you may need to replace the entire panel or wall.

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Clients’ Reviews

Really impressed with such a great end result! Very happy with reflective, perforated stretch ceilings. The look is fantastic. Definitely will contact Alamiva team again for the next project. Highly recommended.

Eobard Thawne

…I just had my office finished with Alamiva and... WOW!!!! This is an amazing product that looks just fantastic! Very happy with the way my office got enhanced in just 2 hours. Highly recommended.

Hoyt, Modern Golf

A real team of professionals who know what they are doing. I was looking for something special for my home office and I am so happy I found Alamiva. My high gloss stretch ceilings look just amazing! I get compliments from literally every customer that walks through the door. I've never seen anything like that. Thank you!

Tiffany Smith

My friend recommended me to get stretch ceilings for my condo. I've done my research and found Alamiva Stretch Ceilings. It took a day to install ceilings in all rooms! It was exactly what I was looking for, plus a variety of colours and finishes was quite impressive. Thanks, Alamiva team for such a beautiful job!

Iryna Kryvtsun

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