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What is a Stretch Ceiling?

A stretch ceiling can be defined as a suspended ceiling system with a perimeter track and corresponding membrane that clicks into the track. The membrane is tightened and clicks into areas around the track. Unlike traditional ceiling finishing that last between ten years, a stretch ceiling will last over fifteen years if treated right.

Stretch Ceilings:
A Unique Approach to Customization and Design

Stretch ceilings are a unique and budget-conscious way to help bring a customized design into a commercial or residential space. A stretch ceiling in Ottawa provides you with a fully customizable option without the need to invest in costly ceiling repairs and renovations.

Over the years, we have seen a few unique options for your typical stretch ceiling. This unique option has included a 3D stretch ceiling in the clients' dining room and looked like the family was dining under a magnificent castle stateroom. Further to this, we have seen a backlit and illuminated stretch ceiling, which presented an exciting approach to a part of the room that we often ignore.

The best part is designing them how you want as your ceiling can be printed. That is right; printed stretch ceilings allow you to enjoy whatever view, thing, or branding you would like to showcase at your home or business. From custom branding that gives your space an extra billboard to a residential stretch ceiling that will bring the stars inside, the possibilities are endless. So, if you have an idea for your ceiling, the team at Alamiva can do it.

Why Invest in Stretch Ceilings?

Ensure your home or workplace makes an impression

Create a unique atmosphere for family, friends or customers

Create a relaxing environment inside of your space

Create a focal point for large, plain rooms

Inspire imagination

Limited quantities available!

High-end quality at reasonable prices

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Stretch Ceiling Solutions

The team at Alamiva has several in-house solutions that will deliver for your specific space

Matte Stretch Ceiling

Matte stretch ceiling provides a neutral finish that is popular for those looking for a stretch ceiling for the living room. This matte finish is not flashy but does look well with any room, light, or space in general. It is a popular option for both our commercial and residential clients.

Glossy Stretch Ceiling

The high gloss stretch ceiling is extremely popular with commercial clients looking to advertise or create a space that garners attention. With its naturally reflective properties, it is best partnered with quality lighting.

Satin Stretch Ceiling

Satin stretch ceiling is known for its elegance and simple beauty. Whether you are planning to install it in your entryway, office or dining room, the satin finish allows this piece to shine. The satin finish provides a sense of a warm glow when paired with the proper lighting.

Mirror Stretch Ceiling

Mirror stretch ceiling is the most reflective type of ceiling and will provide you and those in the area a sense that they are genuinely looking at a mirror, not a ceiling.

3D Stretch Ceiling

3D stretch ceiling solutions provide you with a scene or place and make you feel like you are there. From a man cave that made it look like you were in the Canadian Tire Centre to a dining room that had you dining in the hills of the Cinque Terre, our team can make it happen.

Printed Stretch Ceiling

Printed stretch ceilings provide you with the flexibility to make your ceiling look like anything you want. From paintings to landscapes and even a simple colour, printed ceilings continue to be one of our most popular options for commercial and residential clients!

How does it work?

A stretch ceiling is extremely simple. First, our team will install a track system on your ceiling via screws into the existing ceiling. We will then bring your already chosen solution and install it via clips into the track system. That is it. It is simple, effective, and beautiful.

Our Residential and Commercial Projects

Reasons Why Stretch Ceilings are Awesome:

  • Makes rooms larger
  • Fully cleanable
  • Soundproofs your home with noise absorbing technology
  • Effortless installation with no preparation needed
  • Made of fully licenced CSA approved materials eligible for your insurance
  • Our materials are 100% recyclable, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic
  • Easily integrates with speakers, LED light and backlighting
  • Bring your vision to life with direct to fabric printing

Frequently Asked Questions

How Durable is a Stretch Ceiling?
Stretch ceilings are pretty durable and are designed to take the wear and tear in both a residential and commercial space. It can last over 15 years if treated correctly.
Is a Stretch Ceiling Environmentally Friendly?
Yes! Our products are made with 100% recyclable materials that ensure that you can limit waste once the product has served its purpose.
What are Stretch Ceiling Pros and Cons?
The pros are you can get a custom ceiling solution for cents on the dollar compared to other traditional ceiling options. The cons are that there are too many choices to choose just one!
How Long Does It Take to Install?
Depending on the exact job, installation can be done in less than a day. Naturally, more complicated ceilings may take additional time.
What is a PVC Stretch Ceiling?
A PVC stretch ceiling is another name for a simple stretch ceiling. The vast majority of stretch ceilings are PVC, but there are some options out there that use other fabrics.
Where Do You Source Your Materials?
All of our stretch ceiling and stretch wall products come from leading manufacturers located here in North America. While our in-house printing shop brings your vision to life here in Nepean, Ontario.

Our Simple Process:

easy steps for a stretch ceiling installation
Concept & Design

Clients’ Reviews

Really impressed with such a great end result! Very happy with reflective, perforated stretch ceilings. The look is fantastic. Definitely will contact Alamiva team again for the next project. Highly recommended.

Eobard Thawne

…I just had my office finished with Alamiva and... WOW!!!! This is an amazing product that looks just fantastic! Very happy with the way my office got enhanced in just 2 hours. Highly recommended.

Hoyt, Modern Golf

A real team of professionals who know what they are doing. I was looking for something special for my home office and I am so happy I found Alamiva. My high gloss stretch ceilings look just amazing! I get compliments from literally every customer that walks through the door. I've never seen anything like that. Thank you!

Tiffany Smith

My friend recommended me to get stretch ceilings for my condo. I've done my research and found Alamiva Stretch Ceilings. It took a day to install ceilings in all rooms! It was exactly what I was looking for, plus a variety of colours and finishes was quite impressive. Thanks, Alamiva team for such a beautiful job!

Iryna Kryvtsun

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